MumAbroad is Europe’s leading English language site for families from the international community. Founded in 2008, this popular resource operating in Spain, France, Italy and Germany offers expat parents recommendations for hundreds of handpicked services including activities for kids, healthcare, maternity and relocation. MumAbroad has a specific focus on providing in-depth information on international education and educational specialists. The site has also become a showcasing platform for female entrepreneurs.

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Educate to Communicate is a consultancy founded by Gabriella Opaz and Cormac Walsh. They bring a radical new approach to conscious leadership through coaching, consulting, forums, events, keynotes and online resources. In an ever changing world, their guiding principles are the necessity of emotional awareness, the importance of interpersonal connection and the ability to effectively share ideas among a culturally rich and diverse audience.

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FiG Communications is an independent award-winning creative agency based in Barcelona, founded by journalist and PR consultant Carrie Frais and entrepreneur Catriona Groves, who together have more than 40 years’ professional experience working in marketing, journalism, television and PR in London and Barcelona. FiG specialises in content creation, copywriting, video production, digital marketing, graphic design, Public Relations and website design and development.

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Barcelona Metropolitan is the city’s number one resource for the international resident community and visitors to Barcelona. Its aim is to help people discover the real Barcelona through information and articles written by English-speaking foreign residents. Metropolitan nourishes a supportive community where users can always find advice, friends or a helping hand. It showcases stories and experiences of expats and offers a multi-channel advertising platform to reach English speakers in Barcelona and Spain.

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Global English Track (GET) is dedicated to English language teaching and training with courses designed by Academic Director and Founding Partner, Cormac Walsh.

For over twelve years GET have operated in both schools and companies in Barcelona, delivering courses to children from 3 years old right up to CEOs.

The GET method is based on the use of the English language as an effective communication tool first and foremostly and all teachers are professionals with a wide and varied teaching experience.

Their academic team is made up of mostly English and American professionals who have come to live and work in Barcelona due to the quality of life that the city offers. They prioritise teamwork as making them different and powerful.

With GET the students’ English improves rapidly day by day as they capitalise on their knowledge, prioritise their linguistic expression and focus on effective comprehension. To speak a different language it is essential to lose the fear of it and embrace a growth mindset.

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Qustodio is the world leader in online safety and digital wellbeing for families. Since 2012, they have provided a cross-platform solution for families and schools, helping over 4 million families protect children from online harm, while promoting healthy digital habits and awareness. They believe everyone has the right to a safe and secure digital experience, and as part of the Family Zone group, Qustodio works with educators and parents across the world to protect children from online risks, while helping promote healthy habits and awareness. Available in over 180 countries in 8 languages, their digital wellbeing tools help families and schools live and navigate smarter in an increasingly connected world.

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Sinéad Lunny is Managing Director of Vocalis, a voice and communication skills company. She also runs an award-winning 200-strong Speech and Drama school, is an actor, voiceover artist, event host and keynote speaker.

A courtroom lawyer for many years, Sinéad draws on her courtroom experience and Speech and Drama skillset to provide unique, top quality corporate workshops in how to use one’s voice for maximum effect.

The components required to deliver a dramatic performance or run a trial successfully are exactly the same as those required to address a group of people with confidence, deliver a presentation with gusto or to present a pitch impactfully.

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McCANN VA is a specialist Virtual Assistance and Event Management Company, founded by Éadaoin McCann in 2022 who has spent over a decade in Personal Assistance, Marketing, Business Operations and Event Management.

McCANN VA helps business owners and entrepreneurs save time, money and stress with remote support through a range of services such as Personal and Admin Assistance, Social Media Management, Event Management and Marketing Support.

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The “la Caixa” Foundation has taken over buildings of great architectural interest in Spain’s main cities and turned them into key cultural and scientific hubs, consolidating its support for art, culture and science as a source of personal and social development. The centres provide cities with a meeting point between knowledge and people, offering dynamic and active spaces open to the public of all ages.

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Speaking in public is one of the most important acts of courage there is. Standing alone, vulnerable and exposed but driven to be there by a passion to share your opinion, raise your voice and be an instrument of change in yourself and others! Public speaking is fun, it is life changing and it is an act of courage available to everyone. At 4Voices we are proud to provide the opportunity for these inspiring young people to change the world!

Cormac Walsh, 4Voices

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