Now in its third year, this year the 4Voices Barcelona public speaking event for teenagers will see 12 students from 4ESO/1BXT take to the stage to tackle the complexities of the online world, with the theme ‘The Digital Jungle’.

Open to all English-speaking youngsters in Spain, we expect this year’s event to be more dynamic and impactful than ever before with its new base at CosmoCaixa, one of the Catalan capital’s landmark venues. The objective of this year’s event is to provide these young participants with intensive training in public speaking, enabling them to deliver a powerful 5-minute speech envisioning their future in a digital world.

These speeches will be presented to an audience of family members, public speaking experts, educators and journalists, as well as community and business leaders. There will be no single winner but instead prizes will be awarded to all and finalists will be presented with valuable feedback from an expert panel of judges.


Applicants must be in 4ESO/1BXT during the academic year of the event (2023-24) and over the age of 14.

/// 4VOICES BARCELONA 2024 THEME: ‘The Digital Jungle’

The digital world is continuously evolving, with new threats and trends emerging on an almost daily basis. We often hear about how parents can support their children when they are navigating the complexities of the online environment but here we are asking “How do you, GenZ, navigate the digital jungle?”, “What are you excited about and what are you fearful of?”. We want to hear from students at schools not just in Barcelona but around Spain about both the online challenges and the opportunities they are presented with – from privacy concerns and the impact of their digital footprint to information access and online connectivity.


Applicants must submit a 60 to 90-second video in English explaining the main idea they would like to discuss in their speech, which should be connected to the event theme. Only one video will be accepted per student and videos must respect the time limit. Students will be selected on the strength, originality and creativity of their idea, rather than public speaking skills. The closing date for entries is 29 January 2024 (5pm).


Applicants should send their video via the contact page as an MP4 (maximum size 100MB and labelled as name_year_school). The video must include an introduction stating the student’s name, year and school.


The selection committee is comprised of the event organisers and those appointed by them. 12 finalists will be chosen and announced on 5 February 2024.



The 4Voices team will provide comprehensive training on public speaking. Prior to event day, the finalists will be taught as a group how to transform their idea into a complete 5-minute speech and will be trained in all aspects of public speaking: content creation, attention grabbing openings, transitions, logical flow, strong endings, vocal variety, body language, eye contact and audience connection. They will also be given access to the 4Voices Academy online course, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Teens ahead of the event day. Closer to the event the 12 finalists will have one-to-one training with one of our professional coaches. All costs of the training and event day will be covered by 4Voices.


27 April 2024 (10am-12.30pm) CosmoCaixa, Barcelona

On the day of the event, each finalist will be given 5 minutes to speak without props or a PowerPoint presentation. Timers will indicate how much time they have used and finalists will be disqualified after 5 minutes 30 seconds. The event will be filmed and livestreamed and applicants must agree to their image being used as a prerequisite to compete. All recordings will be made available to all applicants but will belong to the event. The event is owned and organised in its entirety by 4Voices and is independent from any of the participating schools.

Teenagers face several challenges when navigating the online world, including digital addiction, cyberbullying and misinformation, which can all have a significant impact on their wellbeing and development. Addressing these challenges requires a collaborative effort from parents, teenagers, educators, policymakers and online platforms to provide guidance, education and support. 4Voices is determined to be at the forefront of this movement as teenagers navigate a technically fast-moving and complicated world.

Cormac Walsh, 4Voices


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